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Northfield, IL Home Insect Control

Quick Clean Pest Control

When you want to rid your home of annoying bugs and flying insects, call Quick Clean Pest Control. Our team will create an integrated pest control program tailored to meet your needs and concerns.

  • Safe for pets

  • Safe for babies and small children

  • Allergies and chemical sensitivity

  • Non-chemical control methods; exclusion, repellants and discreet control devices

  • Evening and weekend services available


We offer low odor pesticide use and service safe for children and pets.


We offer services to control or eliminate:

  • Ants, Carpenter ants

  • Roaches, bed bugs, water bugs

  • Spiders, Silverfish, Firebrats, Centipedes, Millipedes

  • Earwigs, Bees, Wasps ,Hornets, Yellowjackets

  • Mosquitoes, Flies, Gnats, Moths

  • Box Elders Bugs, Crickets, Asian Lady Bugs, Beetles, Mites and many more


Locally owned and operated, we have decades of experience providing the Chicagoland area with creative pest control solutions.


Contact Quick Clean Pest Control today at 630-833-2490 for prompt service, or browse our website for more information regarding residential rodent control services or commercial services.


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Residential Insect Control

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